RISI (Report It... Sort It) is a fault management system designed for property management agency, Real Estate agency, Managed Societies etc. to manage day to day activities effectively without spending much time on administration. This system allows user to report a fault in their property and the automated process allows the Estate agent to allocate the vendors to repair the fault within less time.

The Problem Statement:

Before adopting the RISI system Clients have defined below problems.

More lengthy, confusing phone calls:

A London based Real Estate Agency mentioned that It is usually very lengthy process when Tenant report a fault over the phone, the phone calls goes longer and there are lots of confusion while explaining the actual fault in the property and similar or half of time of the staff spends to explain that fault to Contractors.

Less Connectivity with Customers:

Another Well Known Real Estate agency has mentioned that they weren’t connecting with their customers in the way that they would have liked. They wanted to ensure that our relationships could be developed more strongly as soon as a customer came on board.

Untracked Maintenance:

A well Known society in Pune has mentioned that they have repaired few of the house in society but they were not able to keep tract of it as they were wish to do it.

Time Consuming Process

Real estate agency reported that their staff consumes lot of time in visiting the property to look at the fault, taking the photographs, getting approvals from Landlords or property owners, arranging the vendor to repair the fault.

Inconsistency in Manual Process:

The Major problems is managing the repair in short duration by coordinating with Property owners and Vendors. There is inconsistency in overall process while arranging everything though phone calls.


Using RISI system has allowed Real Estate Agencies to deliver a better service and experience to their customers. Their staff is more proactive in terms of building those relationships that are the cornerstone of any property management agency’s ability to grow. This will enable them to become as a forward-thinking, innovative and technology-enabled agency which uses digital solutions effectively to allow for greater focus on those important relationships.

The other benefits realised are:
  • Process Automation : This System provide end to end process automation from fault reporting by Tenant to actual fault repair by contractor or vendor.
  • Better Communications : Tenant repair requests are reported using the app or RISI system and Agency or Management receives the fault details with picture and detailed information and same information is being passed further to Contractor or vendor to repair the fault in property.
  • Issues Tracking : Every issues reported by tenants are tracked in application with date and time so it is easy to have monthly, quarterly and Yearly reports on issues raised against issues fixed.
  • Vendor Management : Automated reminders to contractors frees up time for property managers to drive value into your business.
  • Time and Effort Savings : Automation in the process saves the staff’s time to listen the property issue on phone then arranging visit and contractor’s time for fixing it.
  • Managed portfolio with a detailed dashboard
  • Track and manage works from end-to-end
  • Certification and qualification tracking of contractors
  • Get quotes from and provide instructions to contractors
  • Communication to Contractor via email
  • Time-stamped communications.
  • Fault tracking history along with repair reports.

Azure Solutions for DW and BI

One of our prestigious Client approached us for their Data warehouse need. In the first meeting we observed that Client is new to cloud environment and really keen to understand how the entire solution would work by compiling all the security standard , Data governance, Data sharing and control and most important to have entire process automated or less manual intervention.

The Problem Statements

1. Integration of large datasets :

Client has more than 5000 excel sheets, 100 of application databases and open data sources and all these data needs to be under one cloud platform to report on. Challenges were not to have variety of data sources however to integrate all these data sources in large scale data warehouse and create a relationships among them to get the 360 degree view of the business.

2. Migrate Existing BI Suite :

Other challenging part was Client had few departments which already had reporting suite which they built in excel based reporting, Tableau and PowerBI reporting and these has to under cloud platform.

3. Data Security on Cloud

Client had requirement to secure their data in Cloud platform by applying various security measures as the data was holding sensitive and highly sensitive information.

4. Process Automation

Client has requested to automate most of the processes to have less or no manual interventions. This will allow their staff to focus on Business and Reporting analysis.

5. On Going Maintenance :

Maintaining the solution on Azure should be cost effective and easy for future changes and that has to be taken care while designing the new solutions.

The Solutions

As it was a huge opportunity to show the client how our design and architecture fulfil their requirements. We started this project and been transparent to Client at every stage how the security is as per compliance, How we are handling sensitive data, how GDPR compliance and retention policies are maintained.

This digital transformation is planned for next 3 years and Microsoft first is a cloud based platform been chosen for this work; so to select any Azure component we had to look at below requirements.

  • Able to integrate data from On premise excels, on premise databases, Open set data, CRM data, unstructured data , web logs and sensor data for various readings.
  • Able to handle Sensitive data.
  • Able to migrate existing reports and datasets.
  • Able to encrypt data at every stage.
  • Able to mask data to hide PID (Personal Identification) information at reporting layer.
  • Keep the history of all the changes.
  • Integrate different data sets.
  • PowerBi should be single reporting tool as a frontend.
  • Able to identify Master record / golden source of record.
  • Compliance of Information management policies.
  • Data Quality of each data source must be identified and report back to Business.
  • Remove any dependency of on premise data warehouse for reporting
We proposed data vault model to satisfy these requirements then below azure component been identified for the project.
  • VPN/ Express route.
  • Azure Data Factory V2
  • Azure data Lake/ Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure SQL Data warehouse
  • Azure SQL DB
  • Azure Analysis Services
  • Azure SQL VM ( SQL Enterprise 2017, MDS, DQS ,SSDT )
  • PowerBi, Azure ML

The Outcome

Azure based solutions is fully functional which uses the automated scheduled tasks to process the data and PowerBi Desktop and PowerBi Service are used to report the data insights.